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Sher founded CB Therapeutics with his college friend Jacob Vogan with a clear vision for developing scientific thought leadership in Fermentation Science and Cellular Agriculture. His business experience, leadership skills along with his scientific background are the ideal combination to build CB Therapeutics into a successful enterprise. He was formerly the Co-Founder of and CSO of a Laboratory testing firm and has worked for a number of leading Pharmaceutical and Wellness Product companies. Sher has a B.S. in Biochemistry & Molecular Biology from UC Davis and an MBA from the Rady School of Management, UC San Diego. Since 2016, CB Therapeutics has been an innovative producer of high value molecules, compounds and rare ingredients from simple feedstock. We have developed many different types of hosts and systems, including yeast and cell-free expression platforms. Our expertise in synthetic genomics, bio-engineering and cellular production processes have made us the first
company in the world to produce (and file IP for) natural tryptamines and their analogs, in yeast. These skills allow us to produce a broad range of compounds efficiently, sustainably, faster, at greater yields and with higher purity and consistency than other competitive platforms. Our scientific team includes 19 full-time staff, including 7 doctorate degree (PhD) holders and 9 research associates. This team has advanced our proprietary yeasts formulation and production processes to become the market leader in the development of novel molecules.