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Farmacon is a specialized global CRO of strategic medical consultants and logistic experts who accelerate projects for pharmas and biotechs to save time and money. This concierge approach provides culturally appropriate strategies for medical intelligence, site validation, engagement & fast enrollment, KOL & scientific advisory board
development, solving regulatory & logistical problems for sites, investigators, patients & their families. We also provide market research and strategies for market access and our unique transparent feedback has created a ‘synergetic acceleration’ that is needed for patients in a data-driven world. We are based in Florida with offices throughout Latin America.
Bio 2020
Sara Tylosky, CEO of Farmacon, has over 30 experience in strategic management, clinical research and market access in the pharmaceutical & biotech industries, in the US, Latin America and globally. She worked previously in big and small Pharma, including GSK and MedPointe, and started Farmacon 12 years ago to help navigate clinical research and market challenges in Latin America. Sara holds a Masters in Business from Florida Atlantic University, and an undergraduate degree from Whitman College.