I am a scientist by training using cutting-edge bioinformatics to make data-driven decisions that can bridge areas of unmet medical need. I am a strong believer in training the next generation of curious minds and launched a free and highly successful STEM program for high school and college students.

• Played an instrumental role in the growth of a start-up into a publicly-traded company
• Proven experience in nonclinical R&D from small molecule drug discovery through IND-enabling
studies and FDA filings- a rare disease, Orphan Products and Fast Track
• Delivered ANG-3777 (HGF-like small molecule) and ANG-3070 (TKI) to clinical trials in STEMI, liver
disease, COVID pneumonitis, AKI, kidney transplant and primary proteinuric kidney disease
• Managed an 18-member R&D group comprising senior scientists and research associates; leveraged
external resources including KOLs and CROs as needed
• Oversaw gap analyses and gap-bridging exercises, due diligence visits from big Pharma and
VCs; raised ~$30M in non-dilutive funding
• Subject matter expert in vitro and in vivo pharmacology, secondary pharm., PK, ADME & toxicology
• Leveraged bioinformatics and genotype-phenotype-function analyses to identify disease drivers,
screen and select drug candidates
• Used Precision Medicine criteria to inform inclusion criteria in primary proteinuric kidney disease in
partnership with the NEPTUNE consortium
• Identified minimally accessible biomarkers in NASH-HCC, and for informing clinical trial
inclusion criteria in patients with kidney disease

• All aspects of in vitro and in vivo pharmacology, secondary pharmacology, PK and toxicology
• Broad expertise with tyrosine kinase signalling pathways, GPCR and small molecule drug development
• Cross-species transcriptomics and function miss to inform genotype-phenotype-function, disease
the mechanism, and screen/advance drug candidates
• Identification of Precision Medicine-based inclusion criteria for prospective enrollment in clinical trials
• Identification of minimally invasive biomarkers in NASH-HCC and proteinuric kidney disease
• Identified a diagnostic triad informing HCC in a model of NASH
• In vitro models of liver, kidney and lung disease using hepatic stellate cells and fibroblasts
• In vivo models of chronic kidney disease, autoimmune kidney disease, polycystic kidney disease, and AKI
• In vivo models of NASH
• In vivo models of acute lung injury and IPF
• In vivo models of acute myocardial infarction and congestive heart failure

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