Meridian Clinical Trials Paul-TanPiengco

Highly motivated, astute, and results-driven self-starter with exceptional organizational, analytical, and clinical data management skills. B.S. and ten 15 + years of award-winning and progressive experience delivering the highest standards of clinical data management at Bayer and Bristol Myers Squibb (BMS). Bayer Gold Award 2017, Bronze Award 2016, and Pinnacle Award 2015; BMS Performance Award. In-depth knowledge of all aspects of clinical data management, Oncology expertise, reporting, reconciliation, study reviews, and standards development that drive pharmaceutical businesses forward. Rgenix is developing first-in-class drugs that target key pathways in cancer progression. Using a discovery platform developed by Rgenix’s founding scientists at Rockefeller University, we have discovered several novel cancer targets that drive tumor growth and cancer progression. These targets regulate key components of the tumor micro-environment including immune cells and cancer metabolism pathways. Our discovery platform – which can be applied to virtually any tumor type – has yielded novel therapeutic targets for several high-unmet need cancer types to date. We aim to develop effective therapies against these targets that will provide durable and meaningful responses for cancer patients that lack effective therapies.

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