A “dots connector.” The one that doesn’t mind letting their inner child out and sometimes forgets to bring it back in. A prism seeker – I see what others see, but I also turn things backward, upside down, and inside out to see what others do not. A problem solver. Giver. Human

I have a passion for imagining the future and turning it into the present. I spent time, looking at the technologies of tomorrow and seeing how can they impact our work today. Then, I try to make it happen. I do not always succeed, but I enjoy trying and learning.

I believe in the concept of utilizing human-computer-networks to collect and spread the ideas (or as would you hear at TED the “ideas worth spreading”) in crowdsourcing (enabling us to take those ideas and turn them into reality) and inhuman desire (and ability) to remain humble, to learn and to use those inventions to the best of our abilities.

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