Jennifer Lee

Driven by a personal loss at a young age, Jennifer developed a passion for science and healthcare.

Jennifer leads pharma and biotech companies to accelerate drug development pipelines from pre-clinical to commercialization stages.

With 20+ years of senior-level experience at Pfizer, Gilead, Astellas, Radius, and startup companies, Jennifer has successfully launched New Drug Application efforts for brands like Celebrex®, Myrbetriq®, Betmiga®, Xtandi®, among others.

Other achievements include accelerating high-profile clinical programs resulting in over $200M in clinical development savings, labelling changes, advancement to licensing agreements, and market registrations.

As a STEM champion woman, Jennifer serves as Executive Lead and Co-Chair of the Executive Women In Bio and the 3.8 Initiative (an initiative dedicated to increasing women’s startup board leadership roles) WIB-Chicago Chapter.

Jennifer has published numerous articles in prestigious peer-reviewed medical and scientific journals, including the Journal of Clinical Pharmacology Therapeutics, the Journal of Clinical Drug Investigation, and Drug Metabolism and Disposition.

She is a keynote speaker, panellist, and startup advisor to U.S. and ex-U.S. startups.

Jennifer received a Bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry from the University of Illinois and a Master’s degree in Clinical Research and Regulatory Administration from Northwestern University.

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