Domenico Merante

Truly compassionate and caring medical doctor. Through established excellence in networking and professional relationships, I am a pharmaceutical physician with solid experience in Global Clinical Development and Clinical Positioning. My focus is on patient safety, patient-centric initiatives and clinical development plans, management and execution. Science-driven, with an innovative, global and creative mindset, I am a passionate, greatly energetic, versatile and a high performer. I carefully listen to what people have to say. That learning is relevant to me!

I have 26+ years of clinical development experience across multiple areas from phase 1 to 3, including also life cycle management. So far I have contributed to the development and/or approval/reimbursement/post-approval safety surveillance of several medicines in adults and in children at global or regional or national level: glibenclamide+metformin, repaglinide, rosiglitazone alone and with metformin (in type 2 diabetes); insulin mix analogues (in type 1 diabetes); growth hormone liquid formulation and device (in Turner syndrome and secondary growth hormone deficiencies); olmesartan+amlodipine+hydrochlorothiazide fixed formulations (in severe hypertension); oral ferrous gluconate (in iron deficiency anaemia); deflazacort (in multiple inflammatory conditions); lately pregabalin (in diabetic neuropathic pain/phase 2 and in fibromyalgia/phase 3); cefiderocol (in carbapenem-resistant Gram-negative infections); lusutrombopag (in thrombocytopenia in chronic liver disease) and currently avacopan (in ANCA vasculitis (MPA and GPA) in adults).

Clinical management training experience with 3 years spent in the Italian Navy working at the Infirmary of the Naval Academy as Lieutenant Medical Officer and on Nave Ammiraglio Magnaghi as CMO with medical responsibility for up to 150 people.

After graduating in Medicine in 1988 I specialized in endocrinology and diabetes in 1993 at the University of Pisa/Italy.

I have 20+ years of clinical practice experience working for several Italian NHS districts as an emergency doctor on a weekend basis and as a specialist in diabetic wounds treatment.

I am registered with the GMC since 1998, am fully revalidated and a specialist in endocrinology and diabetes.

To date, I have 103 publications as first author or co-author amongst full papers, abstracts, posters and oral presentations.

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